Metal Building Insulation

What is Metal Building Insulation?

Metal Building Insulation is an insulation system that consists of a fiberglass blanket that is laminated (glued) to a strong and durable cloth mesh facing. (NOT crate paper, NOT plastic). The thickness of your systems fiberglass will determine its R-Value. The fiberglass blanket helps to control the temperature of your metal building, and the polypropylene facing is designed to greatly reduce the likelihood of condensation.

  • Fiberglass Thickness Determines R-Value
  • Formaldehyde Free Fiberglass
  • Polypropylene Facing

What Are The Benefits of Metal Building Insulation?    

There are many benefits to installing a metal building insulation system. The big three are; temperature regulation (heat and cold), condensation reduction (vapor barrier), and noise reduction.

  • Temperature Regulation
  • Condensation Reduction
  • Noise Reduction

How is Metal Building Insulation Installed?

Metal building insulation is typically installed by “sandwiching” the insulation batts or rolls between the red iron purlins and girts and your exterior sheeting. This compression method ensures the insulation will be held in place and provide a tight seal. Metal building insulation is ALWAYS installed during the construction of the metal building.

  • Between Red Iron & Sheeting
  • During Construction

What Are My Metal Building Insulation Options?

QE Insulation Company offers a variety of R-Values and facing options. Choosing your systems R-Value and facing will be the two most important decisions you make when designing your metal building insulation system. Our customer service reps are available to help you choose the perfect system.

  • Full Range of R-Value Options
  • Full Range of Facing Options

Why Do You Need Metal Building Insulation?

Installing some form of metal building insulation is highly recommended, and considered to be an industry standard. Metal building insulation systems have been proven to increase the lifespan of a metal building, as well as greatly reduce maintenance costs. A properly installed metal building insulation system is critical to the success of all metal building projects.

  • Increase Lifespan of Metal Building
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs

When is Metal Building Insulation Installed?

Some form of metal building insulation must be installed DURING the construction of your metal building. This is different from residential construction where insulation is installed AFTER a home is “dried in”. At the very least a minimum R-Value system should be installed during construction. This will ensure a continuous vapor retardant, and allow for future retrofitting.

  • During Construction
  • After Skeleton is Erected

How Much Metal Building Insulation Do I Need?

To maximize the effect of a metal building insulation system, you will want to cover the entire metal building with insulation. A complete metal building insulation system is critical to the success, and lifespan of your metal building. QE Insulation Company offers a FREE building square foot calculator. We use this calculator when quoting your metal building insulation system.

  • Cover Entire Building
  • Use Square Foot Calculator

What is The Price of Metal Building Insulation?

The price of a metal building insulation system can range from $0.30 sqft to $1.20 sqft.  The pricing depends on the R-Value of the system and the facing chosen. QE Insulation Company is dedicated to offering competitive pricing on all metal building insulation systems.

  • $0.30 sqft to $1.20 sqft
  • We Offer Competitive Pricing

QE Insulation Company supplies quality low-cost metal building insulation systems directly to the consumer. We have streamlined and simplified the metal building insulation production process. Allowing us to offer the highest quality metal building insulation and steel building insulation systems at the lowest costs in the industry.

Our quality, energy efficient metal building insulation systems provide an industry leading solution to metal building climate control. Our simple system has been proven to reduce heating costs and condensation in your metal building.  Our manufacturing and logistic efficiency allow us to offer a quality metal building insulation system directly to consumers at a very low cost. Thanks to our strategically located network of lamination facilities, we are able to service all of the USA and Canada.

We offer steel building insulation solutions for new construction as well as retrofit applications. Our support staff is the most knowledgeable in the metal building insulation industry. We pride ourselves in being able to answer any and all questions you may have regarding metal building and steel building insulation systems.
If you are thinking about insulating your metal building we think we can provide the BEST solution. Price out your metal building insulation system in less than 5 minutes using our state of the art online quoting program. You can even order your material directly from our site, saving you the time and hassle of having to call in and have a SALESMAN quote you.So what are you waiting for? Let us supply you with the best metal building insulation system in the industry.
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